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A strategic leader, writer and speaker who works across Media, Business, the Development World and Culture.After over ten years of building local & Global brands, I developed the 'Uncommon Influence' Method.Learn about it and more in my popular newsletter, Influencing Africa, where I write about how Africa's trend setters build 'Uncommon Influence'.

How can we grow businesses and careers while leaving a net positive culture footprint?

My work explores how new media influences and expands culture, society and business. Learn more below;

Stella Njogo, Head of Strategic Marketing at Shujaaz Inc

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Strategic Communications Expert

I'm excited to be a part of the Strategic Comms team at Shujaaz Inc, a global leader in narrative change, youth engagement and producing creative mass media for social change.After over 10 years in marketing and communications, my superpower is Positioning Strategy, Creative Campaigning and Innovative Digital Comms.

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Reach me via email at 'stella@stellanjogo.com'

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Founder of Soko Shapers

In a digital world, influence expands opportunities. While the world is focused on Africa, knowledge and insights from African experts and business leaders remain unshared. This needs to change.Our mission is to equip 1,000,000 African leaders and entrepreneurs to develop 'Uncommon Influence' and become market (soko) shapers by 2040.We do this through Soko Shapers, a Brand and Business Accelerator, and Soko Shaper Media, a media company documenting the people and trends shaping Modern Africa.

For Brand, Business or Positioning strategy, reach me via email at 'stella@stellanjogo.com'

Stella Njogo at the Venice Biennale 2022

Uncovering Digital Damages

Contemporary Artist:
Sound, Installation & Mixed Media

Who am I in a world intent on boxing me into neat little categories? Art offered me the luxury of choosing how I present my ideals, so I had to take it!My practice revolves around our evolving relationship with the internet, technology and African Modernity. I call it "Digital Damages".With a leaning towards contemporary expression, I have a keen interest in sound, installations, fabric and performance.The vision is to create moments of stillness, reflection and commentary around our digital-first lives,

The 2022 UNIDEE Residency in ItalyIn September 2022 I had the pleasure of attending the UNIDEE Residency, courtesy of the ArtXchange program funded by the European Commission.The residency was geared around research on art as a tool for social change, about becoming "ARTIVATORS." We held great conversations with artists and curators from Italy and visited the incredible 2022 Venice Biennale.

I am not an Actor (2022)The photo above is from my work in 2022. 'I am not an actor' explores how we change when we engage in digital spaces.The accidentally intentional self-evolution in the internet culture."I am not an actor' includes two pieces that were showcased at an open studio session during a month-long residency at Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in Italy.The first piece was a short silent film & installation titled Silence on Set. An exploration of the normalised performative relationship with our digital presence.The second piece was the performance, What's on your mind, that explored the invisible and yet potent influence that our social media timelines inflict on us.

Interested in supporting the 'Digital Damages' work? I would love to collaborate or work on a custom commission for organisations or people working on exploring our relationship with the internet and African modernity.I'm always open to new creative adventures, so please reach out.Email me at stella@stellanjogo.com.

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